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Posted on June 16, 2021

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Meth testing: a rental management nightmare

How will your rental property be impacted?

In the last few years, New Zealand has seen a rise in the production and use of methamphetamine. As such, the need for meth testing rental properties has grown dramatically. Do you know if your rental property management is providing the right support?

While we all love watching episodes of “Breaking Bad”, no one wants their rental property to be a reenactment of the show.

Landlords and property managers in New Zealand are starting to educate themselves about how easy it is for tenants to set up P labs in rental properties. In particular, they are beginning to understand the physical dangers and the huge financial cost.

West Auckland Property Management (WAPM) provides premium rental property management services and reduces your risk. We are here to guide you during these trying times and make sure your experience with P testing is as smooth as possible.

At West Auckland Property Management, we offer specialised Tenancy Insurance, which will cover you for malicious damage (including P) and loss of rent, plus other benefits.

This is one of the reasons our rental property management team is very thorough when screening prospective tenants. We ask many questions about their life and the people in their lives, and carry out routine inspections on your property.

Checking in with WAPM

The first step is conducting regular property inspections. We watch for telltale signs that indicate a P lab: stained floors and walls, as well as empty chemical containers. Sometimes we might see dying trees and shrubs and/or dead grass.

As the lab itself may be hidden (the ceiling, the shed, the basement or the garage), we check out everything while conducting the house inspection. Other giveaways are extra air vents or extractor fans, and new security systems.

We follow up on any unusual chemical smells, like ammonia, which can create quite a stink — much like urine. Sometimes a chat with the next door neighbours can provide some revealing information. They may have seen increased activity at the rental property, especially at night.

While it might seem excessive, we believe in ensuring your rental property is secure — we believe in rising above other rental property management companies to protect your property investment.

Ready to come clean?

Cleaning up a former P house begins with extensive testing by certified site investigators who will isolate the worst affected areas of contamination.

Heavily contaminated areas are the P “baking” area and disposal areas where walls, floors, ceilings, all electrical appliances and fittings, sinks, baths, toilets, extractor fans and ventilation systems will be heavily affected.

These areas will likely require partial demolition or substantial deconstruction.

What does meth lab testing mean for a landlord like me?

P lab testing should be compulsory for all properties. Although it is expensive, the only way to ensure a property is P-free is to have it tested.

Yes, a majority of properties are contaminated from smoking rather than baking, but it pays to know for sure. Landlords/property investors may not want to fork out for this as they see it as unnecessary. But would you like to live in a contaminated house that could negatively affect your health?

If we have any doubts, we will suggest a test be done. With the rise of P baking and use, West Auckland Property Management is keeping an eye out for you – we are diligent with our inspections.

With economical rental property management fees, WAPM is your go-to, reliable property management team in West Auckland.

Do you have more questions about P lab testing? Are you experiencing any other property problems or tenant problems? Ready to say, “Please manage my rental?” If so, please give West Auckland Property Management a ring (09) 832 0832. Yes, we are your problem solvers!